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    Pest Control South Africa - Let The PROFESSIONALS get rid of those PESTS for you!

    Pest Control Near Me connects you with the closest pest control companies! Whether you need pest control for your home, commercial business, office, restaurant, butchery or factory, we have got your covered. Qualified, registered and experienced technicians are on standby - give them a call today!

    Pests can be a real pain in the behind and it can be REALLY hard to get rid off, especially long-term. Getting rid of cockroaches in South Africa (whether they are big, small, baby, flying or crawling in your house, restaurant, factory or office) can be a daunting task if you are not a qualified exterminator. Home remedies are not always effective either. There are many repellents (killers) available to get rid of cockroaches such as spray, gel, traps, bait, bombs and poison. Very specific processes and preparations need to be followed when working with these pesticides chemicals. Making use of a professional can also bring down the removal costs for both the products and services rendered PLUS you get a pest control certificate!

    Another common instance is termite infestations! There are quite a few types of termites in South Africa including harvester, drywood, grass and subterranean termites. Some are winged, others not. There are many ways to get rid of termites such as poison, bait and other fumigation products/treatments. It is, however, advisable to call the experts to do an inspection and to do professional termite control. It is safer, more cost effective and will keep them away for longer.

    Flea bites? You might have tried many home flea control treatments such as powder, spray, repellent and other flea killers BUT they are still around on your carpets, bed, dog and/or cat! Call the BEST to get rid of fleas fast!

    Ants problem in your kitchen? They come in many shapes and sizes from small to big, some even have wings! Small black ants, big black ants, fire ants, red ants, wood ants, sugar ants and carpenter ants are the most common in SA.

    Are looking for the best way to get rid of rats or mice in your roof? Ensure that the rodent poison is eco-friendly as well as pet-friendly. Some of the best rat/mouse poisons include Finale and Racumin among others. Rat traps may also be used in some instances.

    Bed bugs or mites bites? These guys are normally found in your mattress/bed. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to contact a qualified pest control company near you. Over-the-counter powders and sprays are rarely effective.

    Others need specialist management due to their nature - Bees, for example, need to be removed, not exterminated. Birds need to be relocated, etc.

    Contact the specialists closest to you today for a FREE no-obligation quotation - Best prices (very affordable) and service in South Africa!

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