Flies are more disgusting and dangerous than you can imagine

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22.May, 201700

Flies are more disgusting and dangerous than you can imagine

Flies are probably the most annoying insect to humankind and to every living species on earth and it seems they aren’t going extinct anytime soon as there are over 300 000 known species reported.

Not only are they super bothersome but also highly unsanitary.


Did you know?


  1. The lifespan of a housefly is approximately 30 days. In this short amount of time, a female fly will lay at least 30 000 eggs that will hatch in 10 – 14 days.


  1. These seemingly harmless insects actually carry over 100 different pathogens that are harmful to humans. Flies can infect you with malaria, anthrax, tuberculosis, paratyphoid fevers, dysentery, cholera, and a horde of other diseases that will give you varying degrees of diarrhoea.


  1. When a fly lands on you, they’re actually vomiting on you. What we don’t realise, is that they’re not just vomiting random stuff on us, they’re using that vomit to suck up a little bit of whatever they’re sitting on, eating the new concoction, and then flying off to vomit somewhere else. So when a fly lands on the garbage, rotting animal carcases, your dog’s faeces, and then your food, it’s bringing along with it pieces of everything it’s ever landed on before.


  1. Flies can transmit the eggs of parasitic worms like tape worms on to you. They can also nest in open wounds and fill you with their own eggs, resulting maggots. Grossed out yet?


Next time a fly lands in your food, definitely don’t continue eating it.


How to get rid of flies


  1. Do a thorough deep clean of your premises and discourage flies from lurking by destroying their breeding sources.


  1. Flies hate the smell of Vodka. By using vodka based fly repellents you’ll be able to ward off flies.


  1. Other natural deterrents include cloves, lemongrass. basil and mint. Plant these herbs in a pot near doorways to keep flies out.


  1. DIY Flytraps like the sugar water trap – a jar contains sweet liquid so flies will be attracted to it. The fly will then go down through a paper cone into the jar. Once inside, it won’t be able to fly up through the hole to come out again.


  1. Other equipment known to help eradicate flies are fly vacuums, fly guns and the good old fly swatter.


  1. Electric and UV Fly Traps lure the fly to the unit with the white UV light and then electrocute the fly when coming in contact with the unit. It is advised that these type of units should be installed away from food as fly particles could splatter onto your food. The collection tray should also be cleaned on a regular basis. These type of traps can only be used indoors.


If you’re struggling to get a fly infestation under control, contacting a pest control company in your area is a great idea as they can help you keep these little disease-bombs away from your home and family.


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