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Cockroach Pest Control


We’ve all been there, that moment when you turn on the light for a midnight snack and see the cockroaches scattering, which is bad enough, but you know that stuff is really getting serious when you see one of those that whip out its wings and start flying around your head, which is the precise moment you start running around terrified out of your wits!

Besides the terror that cockroaches seem to invoke in most of the human race except for the really tough, they also spread disease and are associated with various other health risks such as Salmonella, dysentery and gastroenteritis. Exposure to cockroach droppings can also increase eczema and childhood asthma believe it or not!

Forget about ants, mosquitoes and bed bugs, cockroaches come out tops on any South African’s ‘most unwanted, terrifying pest’ list! If you’ve seen one scuttling around your kitchen you can be absolutely sure that his or her entire family is skulking just around the corner, so the sooner you get the professionals in, the better!

Now for a little more bad news, if you think that cockroaches only like warm weather and you are looking forward to freedom from cockroaches in winter, think again! These pests are going find their food, water, a place to keep warm and of course, to hide, and there is no better place to find all these creature comforts for roaches than in your home during winter!

A few scary facts to consider as you reach for our number is that female cockroaches can produce 30 egg capsules at any given time, and even scarier is that inside of each of these capsules lie an estimated 15 to 50 eggs, and one female cockroach can have up to 30 000 offspring in her lifetime!

While there are over 3000 species of cockroaches in the world, thankfully we only have three main types of cockroaches most commonly found in our homes in South Africa, none of which have even remotely South African names!

The most common cockroaches we find in our homes are the German cockroach, Oriental cockroach and American cockroach, of course we wouldn’t mind if they had not decided to make their homes in South Africa!

The German cockroach is easy to identify by two dark longitudinal stripes on their pronotum, a fancy word for the head end of the cockroach, not that any of us is going to inspect it too closely, and the adults grow to about 12 – 15mm in length, making these the smallest of the three. These roaches like the indoors and prefer wet, humid conditions typically found in kitchens and bathrooms in the home and in commercial properties.

The Oriental cockroach is dark brown or black and is between 20 – 25mm long, with the males having the wings while the females have wings that are undeveloped. The Oriental cockroach is highly adapted to surviving in natural environments and thrives in cool, damp areas such as basements, drains and the openings beneath porches. This cockroach has a preference for feeding on garbage and decay which is why they are most commonly found in rubbish tips, and these critters run rather than fly thankfully!

The last but the most monster-like of these species is the American cockroach, it is one of the largest pests to invade homes and commercial properties in South Africa, and at between 35 – 40mm long, this shining red-brown cockroach has wings that are longer than the body in the male while they only overlap the abdomen of the female. American cockroaches also run but will fly when temperatures are very high, terrifying thought!

Spraying an over-the-counter product is definitely not the answer to any of these three, they will kill one cockroach but will not get to the bottom of an infestation, and it usually takes almost a whole can of spray to kill just one of these nasty pests that send shivers down the spine! The length of time it takes to completely rid your home of a cockroach infestation also depends on the species and size of the infestation, and as premier cockroach specialists we find that the best strategy for success is for our pest control professional to partner with the homeowner to reduce cockroach attractants.

Cockroaches are a lot better at hiding than you will ever be at finding them, while their eggs are immune to any of the over the counter insecticides, no matter how many you try, these eggs are going to hatch!

Finding a cockroach scurrying about when you turn the light on in your kitchen or even seeing one during the day is definitely the sign of an infestation, and if you are finding smaller cockroach faeces which resemble black pepper grounds, or those of the large roaches which are cylindrical, you are definitely going to need a pest control professional to work with you to clear the infestation.

Cockroaches are able to flatten their bodies to such an extent that they can even be found hiding in wall cracks and wallpaper, and if you have been storing or hoarding anything they will be in undisturbed cockroach heaven! You may even find oval-shaped eggs that are clearly visible behind furniture and other hidden locations.

Even if you decide to use a cockroach fogger it may kill the cockroaches but will not penetrate into the cracks and crevices where roaches hide, even worse, cockroaches seem to have shown a resistance to the active ingredients in these foggers, defeating the purpose completely as they will not die from exposure. Fogging products also pose more of a risk to humans and pets than to roaches, as well as causing damage to fabrics and furniture if not used correctly.

If you do not yet have a cockroach infestation our professionals have a few tips that may help prevent cockroaches from taking over your home this winter:

  • Store food such as pastas and flour etc in containers with tight-fitting lids and be extra fussy about keeping shelves extra clean and tidy.
  • Even if you really don’t feel like it after cooking dinner for the family, don’t leave dirty dishes overnight, cockroaches love them, even if you did wash them you can rinse or leave them in soapy water, it’s a great turnoff for roaches.
  • It takes extra work to protect your home from cockroach infestations before you have to call our team in, and part of the hard work is cleaning hard to reach areas behind stoves and fridges, keeping microwaves and ovens clean, cockroaches even hide in your toaster, they love the crumbs, so clean it regularly and then turn it on for a minute or two to destroy the scent of food.
  • Wipe the surfaces where food is prepared or eaten immediately to deprive roaches of a midnight snack.
  • Keep cockroach droppings and eggs out of your pots, pans and dishes by storing them upside down!
  • Vacuum regularly to suck up anything attractive to cockroaches in the kitchen, take your trash out every night or keep it tightly closed.
  • Believe it or not, cockroaches can sneak in through your bathroom drains, so use your bath plugs to keep them out.


Other sources that attract cockroaches are drains, dishwashers, trash cans and other sources of attraction which should be cleaned, maintained regularly and stored properly. It is also a good idea to carefully inspect any boxes, furniture or appliances brought into your home as these items could be the start of a cockroach infestation.

If all of these measures have failed and a cockroach infestation has become a reality in your home or business, a quick response to the very first signs of an infestation is essential if you want to put an end to it quickly, their ability to breed very rapidly along with their resilience means that you definitely need a professional to provide you with the most reliable form of pest control to put an end to it permanently.

If you are looking for a premier cockroach solution then we are here to offer expert cockroach control products and solutions that are powerful enough to eliminate all stages of the cockroach lifecycle, providing you with a quick and efficient solution by using the very latest in equipment and techniques available. Our approach is highly professional and our success rates are proof that our trained and experienced pest control professionals in your area will put a permanent end to all cockroach infestations.

Our pest control professionals in your area will also collaborate with you to seal up your home as much as is possible in areas where cockroaches may travel or hide, and with the application of the most effective application of products such as baits and residuals, cracks and crevices attractive to cockroaches will effectively be out of bounds for these creatures. Our pest control experts in your area will also advise you on what to do about the pesky outdoor cockroaches that may invade under doors and through open windows!

We have expert operatives that are highly trained and skilled where it comes to the professional elimination of cockroaches, paying special attention to all areas in order to guarantee that you will be free of these pests for once and for all. Our work is carried out in a clean, cost-effective and efficient manner, and your property will be left clean and tidy by our friendly and courteous teams at all times!

Unfortunately there are some cockroach eliminators who end up leaving strays behind, creating the perfect conditions for the reestablishment of the colony, but with our methods, technology and thorough approach we will definitely not allow this to happen.

We are cockroach control experts who are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the level of service they deserve, and we are completely committed to a job well done at a price that is competitive within your area. We don’t quit until the cockroaches are gone, and with our level of expertise and experience, we are also able to offer the same level of service and professionalism where it comes to ridding your home of other pests such as rats, fleas, ants and even those nasty bed bugs!

Should you have any pest problems we can assist you with or discuss please contact us, we will be more than happy to help. Please feel free to contact us today for a no obligation quote so that we can get the process started for you and free you off all your pest problems!

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